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Prepping for the marriage aisle means being financially mature and ready to merge two business partners for long-term collaboration! Are you ready?

Curious why some marriages last just 6 months while others last 15 years or more?

While most people believe it’s a matter of love “or the size of the ring,” the answer is much more nuanced. The truth is, our financial pathways play a big part in how long our relationships last.

Your relationship with love, can often be influenced by your relationship with $$$.

If you want the real secret to becoming #relationshipgoals, Mortgage Before Marriage is the resource for you! Inside, you’ll uncover the real secrets to lasting love, and get tips for building your own investment empire to start you and your significant other on the path to greatness.

Wealth inspires change…

– Alex E. Edwards

Alex E. Edwards

After making his 3-year-old one of the youngest landlords in the state of Massachusetts, Alex realized his passion for helping others build wealth rose much higher than helping his own family. A homeowner from the young age of 20, Alex understood the value of that foundation early on, allowing his marriage to his wife Joanna to flourish on solid footing.

Today, he’s on a mission to help others build financially stress-free relationships that last and to help individuals avoid the pitfalls of experiencing bad relationships they can’t afford to leave.

Alex was recently featured in Newsweek. Read the full story here.

Common Mortgage Myths

Myth: You should buy your first home AFTER graduating college.

Facts: Being a student doesn’t disqualify you for a mortgage, and in many cases, your mortgage may be less expensive than on-campus student housing. After graduation, you can keep your home and use it as a rental property for long-term income.

Myth: Single men are more likely to own a home than single women. 

Facts: Single women are more likely to own a home than single men.

Myth: Having multiple homes (and multiple mortgages) is risky.

Facts: While there are risks with any investment, real estate returns are often higher and less volatile than the stock market. A property is a tangible asset that typically grows over time and allows you to benefit from market appreciation, equity, and rental income.

Common Marriage Myths

Myth: When a woman’s fed up, she walks away from the relationship.

Facts: 1 in 5 people report staying in a relationship due to financial concerns, the majority of whom were women.

Myth: Married people handle money together.

Facts: Most people admit that money is a big stressor for them, but the majority of couples find it easier to talk about sex or death than finances.

Myth: Money doesn’t matter. It’s about how much we love each other.

Facts: The average marriage for non-homeowners lasts 2-5 years. For homeowners, that average rises to 17 years! Of course, relationships fail for many reasons, but financial stress is a definite burden on love. Ownership can help sustain a stronger bond.